Siavash Amini

Listening Through The Noise by Joanna Demers is a fantastic starting point for anyone interested in sound, experimental electronic music or sound art.

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Ian Pooley

Manuel Göttschings Album E2 E4 because it’s a perfect example of getting (spontaneously) in the perfect flow in the studio and it was groundbreaking for today's House music as we know it.

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Andy Klingensmith

I would recommend anyone with a heart and a brain who is interested in patience, harmony, and empathy to read the works of Ursula K. Le Guin.

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Franc Moody

"The Word II" by Shigeo Sekito - stunning piece of music

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Bailey Miller

Color Me by Active Child – both the song and the short film directed by Martin de Thurah

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Susie Seiter

I’m currently reading Say Thank you for Everything by Jim Edwards. It teaches collaborative leadership with an emphasis on humility and grace.

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Andy Aquarius

Brian Catling's The Vorrh really took me by surprise. It's one of the most captivating and enigmatic novels I've ever read.

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More Energy Fields, Current (Album) by Carlos Niño & Friends.
The Neverending Story (Book) by Michael Ende.

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Steve Bates

Once escaped from the Sphere’s hold on tuning and still on the topic of vibration, a nice landing is Duane Pitre’s Omniscient Voices.

Now that shortwave radio is becoming a thing of the past, Radio Garden is amazing. But I miss the static between the stations.

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Rat Tally

I know everyone is saying read Crying in H Mart but read it. Michelle Zauner is able to convey the complexities of the relationships we have with our families and our own identities without over analyzing anything. She tells her story and all you can do is sob.

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George FitzGerald

The book I read most recently was Barbarian Days by William Finnegan. I’m obsessed with surfing even though I can’t surf at all. I find the idea of somebody dedicating their entire life to finding and riding the perfect wave fascinating. It has a lot of parallels with sitting in the studio waiting for moments of inspiration to arrive.

The album I listened to the most during recording my new album was Spirit Of Eden by Talk Talk. The way it was recorded (mostly improvised and unplanned) is very different to the way I work, but no learning about other people’s processes is always inspiring.  

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Ruta Di

‘Painting’ (1946) by Francis Bacon

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