Part 2: Additional Questions about the M.O.D. label

What were your main motivations when setting up M.O.D.? How, generally, do you see the role of a label today? What can a label add that individual artists can't?

In a sense, setting up M.O.D. was a necessary continuation of AXIOM. The idea of putting a lot of different music in one place … You don’t see the connection immediately … it takes time. As it grows, it  begins to connect and mutate. African music, dub, drum’n bass, vocal music, spoken word, DJ culture,  improvisation, new artists and on. The role of a label today … create a platform for projects, create a  monster, build a fort, set it on fire.

How do you define success for your label?

Success would be to surprise and have the ability to live as long as possible.
Success will write apocalypse across the sky.

Do you see the label-concept as tending towards a new form? In which way, do you feel, have approaches like your Incunabula Digital Series impacted what music to release – and perhaps even what music to produce?

For me, the Incunabula Digital Series is very important in many ways. First, single pieces, even short pieces, that would be impossible to release on any other format, can be made available … as well as live recordings from all over the world, that would normally be unheard. It’s a new form with no boundaries whatsoever.

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted.

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